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Coaches Mark Williams & Jeffrey Ross

Group Training Classes

TRP Runners by The Running Plan

Our classes are suitable for all ages and all abilities!

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For First Time And New Runners

10-14 week plans
2-5 days running/week

Getting Started
5km for Beginner
10km for Beginner
21km for Beginner

Prices from 50 MYR ONLY


For Runners Moving Up To A Longer Distance

10-18 week plans
2-5 days running/week

My First 10km
My First 21km
My First 42km

Prices from 90 MYR ONLY


For Runners Wanting To Hit A New Personal Best

10-18 week plans
3-6 days running/week

Improving My 5km
Improving My 10km
Improving My 21km
Improving My 42km

Prices from 90 MYR ONLY


For Beginners And Experienced Trail Runners

10-14 week plans
3-6 running/week

My First Trail Run
Improving My Trail Run

Prices from 70 MYR ONLY


For New And Experienced Obstacle Course Racers

4-8 week plans
2-5 days training/week

5km OCR
10km OCR
21km OCR

Prices from 80 MYR ONLY

Looking for Personal Coaching Support?

We offer packages for runners who want a one-on-one coaching service.

Use Forecast Your Finish to calculate your finish time at a different race distance, or to see how fast you might run at a World Marathon Major!

Our forecast application also includes an innovative Heat & Hills Index.

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We are experienced in providing running and fitness-related events for businesses.