Obstacle Course Racing By The Running Plan!

Obstacle Course Racing by The Running Plan!

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is becoming big business in Malaysia, with many new and regular event attendees regularly taking on the challenge across the various distances and categories offered.  This is great to see and long may it continue!

OCR has become it’s own niche or classification of exercise, and it requires discipline, skill and physical and mental preparation.

The Running Plan have responded to the need in Malaysia for guidance and training for OCR, and in May 2018 we have launched OCR training classes (with Coach Raj Ahmed) and OCR training plans.

The OCR classes are designed to teach and practice the core OCR disciplines (strength, endurance, grip, core, power and speed).  Please visit www.therunningplan.com/classes for more information.

The OCR training plans combine running and OCR exercises, and are a superb resource for anybody wanting to complete a OCR event.  5km, 10km and 21km plans are available, offering the following:

5km – 14 OCR exercises

10km – 29 OCR exercises

21km – 42 OCR exercises

Each plan will give you a video demonstration (www.vimeo.com/therunningplan/OCR) by Raj of all the exercises, and a detailed training plan combining running workouts and OCR workouts.  You follow the plans in your own time.  Please visit www.therunningplan.com/training-plans/obstacle-course-racing for more information.

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