The Numbers Behind Kipchoge’s Amazing 1.59 Marathon

The Numbers Behind Kipchoge’s Amazing 1.59 Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge has become the first runner to finish a marathon in under two hours.  The 34-year-old Kenyan completed the course in Vienna, Austria, in an incredible one hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds.

Kipchoge was racing alone but assisted by 41 pacemakers, including former Olympic and world record holders, in his attempt to achieve the milestone.  The time will not be an official world record but is nonetheless a historic moment in distance running.

Here are the numbers behind the Kenyan’s incredible achievement:

Kipchoge finished in 01:59:40.2, that means he ran 4:34 minutes per mile – or 2:50 minutes per km.  His official average speed clocked at 13.16mph (21.18 kmph).

His average times:

  • 100m at 17 seconds (repeated 422 times!)
  • 200m at 34 seconds
  • 400m at 68 seconds
  • 800m at 2:16
  • 1,500m at 4:15.

Here are the official splits from the Ineos 1:59 Challenge.

Official splits 

5km 00:14:10

10km 00:28:20

15km 00:42:34

20km 00:56:47

25km 01:10:59

30km 01:25:11

35km 01:39:23

42.2km 01:59:40

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