Maintaining A Positive Mindset Through COVID-19

Maintaining a Positive Mindset through COVID-19

The current COVID-19 situation restricts everyday life for almost all of us, with widespread and unforeseeable consequences—which creates fear and uncertainty in all of us. On top of this, most races have been cancelled, and many of us are dealing with an emptiness that can lead to a lack of motivation.

In the current situation, it is useful for us to employ a healthy amount of self-reflection. Becoming aware of your inner emotional state and thoughts can help you to recognise irrational mental patterns.

It is also important to maintain a specific order and structure in your everyday life—or if necessary, to create new routines. For example, it is important to wake up at regular times and to eat a healthy diet. If you are working from home, dress accordingly as if you were going into the office. Maintain a certain level of professionalism, and you’ll be more prepared to work.

We may also find that they have time for things that may have been neglected recently. Dedicate yourself to household projects, spring cleaning, or mentally demanding activities. Now is the time to be creative with the design of your everyday life, and maintain a certain level of structure and routine. This will give you a feeling of support and security.

One of the biggest challenges of quarantine is social isolation. Humans are social beings who are dependent on personal interaction. Now more than ever, it is vitally important to stay in touch with family members and friends. Use telecommunication technologies to communicate with family who doesn’t live with you, and take the opportunity to talk through your feelings and experiences around the pandemic.

Concerning your training, the advancement of technology has made it easier to train indoors than ever before. Smart trainers, virtual platforms, videos, media services, etc. make workouts possible, all without leaving your home or coming in contact with others. Now is a great time for variation in workouts, segments, and online competitions, which can create new motivation while helping you maintain basic fitness levels. This should be in the foreground and should be the primary long-term goal right now.

When the race calendar is re-established, you can go back to the preparation for your races again. Don’t worry, your fitness will come back quickly! For now, try focusing instead on strength, flexibility, coordination, and mental skills instead. Have courage and be open to suggestions and new things. What do you have to lose at the moment?

Without question, the most important thing right now is that you maintain your health and the health of your immediate social environment. Follow local regulations and take no unnecessary risks! Above all, keep your positivity under all circumstances. Remember, even the most negative situations always contain something good—but you usually only realise it afterward!


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