500m Intervals – 1 Class @ 40 MYR (Mark)

500m Intervals – 1 class @ 40 MYR (Mark)

Event Phone: 0173761869

This class is suitable for runners of all age, ability and running experience.  Non-runners are also welcome.

Repetitions of 500m with 2 minutes rest in between each running set. This training session will boost your running speed, running economy and fatigue resistance. Even long distance runners need speed intervals in their training!

At the start of the class you will be taken through a series of activation exercises and dynamic stretches, and the class finishes with a static stretching routine.


  • complete an intensive training session in a safe and motivated group environment;
  • receive feedback on your running technique;
  • improve your strength, speed and endurance; and
  • have fun and meet new running friends!


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  • Sat, June 16, 2018
    7:15 AM - 8:30 AM


Venue:   Desa Park City, KL

Persiaran Residen, Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur, 52200, Malaysia


  • The meeting point for the class is in the large empty car park directly across the road from the football pitches within Desa Park City (see map below).
  • Plenty of parking is available at a small charge (the car park adjacent to the meeting point currently opens at 07.00 and charges 3 MYR).  Other car parks are available within Desa Park City, but may involve a short jog or walk to the meeting point.
  • The classes start promptly, so please be there on time.
  • Please note that some of the sessions are held at the meeting point (i.e. using the empty part of the car park), but others will use other areas within Desa Park City, so if you are late you may not be able to find the group.
  • Small-sized valuables can be left safely during the class with the Coach.
  • Please note that the classes WILL go ahead regardless of the weather, although the class may be delayed if it is necessary to wait out any dangerous conditions from a heavy storm.