Sleep And Athletic Performance

Sleep and Athletic Performance

The benefits of good sleep come into particular focus for athletes. Post-exercise recovery with extra sleep accelerates the building of muscle, strength, and endurance. Without proper sleep, athletes suffer from poorer reaction times, longer recovery times, and worsened performance. HOW…

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Why Run Trails In Malaysia?

Why Run Trails in Malaysia?

Runners can be creatures of habit.  The majority of us probably started our running journeys on road or using a treadmill in the gym, and the chances are that most of us still stick to pavement and gym. Malaysian cities…

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Benefits Of Training In A Group

Benefits of Training in a Group

People Who Exercise in Groups Get More Health Benefits Any kind of exercise is good for you, but working out in groups may give you a little extra boost.  Do you like to hit the gym, road, or trail by…

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15 Of The World’s Most Epic Places To Run

15 of the World’s Most Epic Places to Run

Suffering from itchy feet? For adventurous runners, there are dozens of epic races and routes around the world to simultaneously treat the running bug and satisfy wanderlust... 1. Atacama Crossing, Chile The Atacama Crossing, held in October, is one of…

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