What are the benefits of following our running plans?

Structuring your running training is crucial in order to achieve performance improvement and safe exercise. Whether you are working towards a particular race or wanting to improve your general health and fitness, The Running Plan can help you to achieve your goals. Our range of plans – by the experienced running coach Mark Williams – are carefully designed and easy-to-follow for runners of all abilities.

Who can our running plans help?

We offer a range of training plans aimed at complete beginners, new runners and experienced runners, for both road running and trail running. Many people think that only ‘good’ runners need a training plan, which is absolutely not the case. If you are serious about improving your running speed, running endurance or general health and fitness, then The Running Plan can help you.

How have our running plans been designed?

Coach Mark Williams has drawn upon his 20+ years of running experience to create a range of training plans suitable for runners of all ages and experience. The Running Plan website personalises each plan for each individual user via a complex algorithm design based upon your registration data, delivering customised paces for you to follow for each different workout of your training programme. We have also created Treadmill Variations for each workout, allowing you to conduct any run on a treadmill if preferred.

How are our training paces calculated?

Working with mathematicians, we have analysed 10 years of running data to design a complex training pace algorithm. This is worked into the backend of our website allowing us to personalise running plans for each user, including exact training paces for each training workout. Our website customises your personal running history and objectives seamlessly into our modern training templates – designed by Mark Williams – giving you a personalised and simple-to-follow plan.

What resources are given to our running plan users?

The Running Plan has designed and recorded high quality videos for every component of our training plans. This means that you can learn about the purpose, and view the correct technique, for all of the exercises and drills before you complete them within your training. These video resources include:

  • 18 running workouts (e.g. fartlek, intervals, hills, trail hills, etc.)
  • 3 warm-up routines (activation exercises, dynamic stretching and static stretching)
  • 3 x 20-minute running-specific bodyweight exercise routines

Every running plan clearly summarises the instructions for each running workout, and includes treadmill variations for each workout.

Members that want additional personalised coaching support can subscribe to our Personal Coaching service.

Can a treadmill be used for our running plan workouts?

Yes! One of The Running Plan’s unique features is that every single workout has a Treadmill Variation that can be followed. So, if it is too cold, too wet or too late to run outside, then you won’t need to miss a workout!

Are gym exercises part of our running plans?

Yes! The Running Plan has designed 3 running-specific bodyweight exercise routines for core, hips and legs, and total body. These 20-minute workouts have been recorded as video demonstrations by Coach Mark Williams exclusively for our members to follow. The bodyweight routines are incorporated into each running plan, to be completed before or after a run.

We believe that massive performance gains will be made by following our customised running-specific bodyweight routines as part of your running plan.

How much does a running plan cost?

Our running plans are available at a one-off cost of between 50 MYR – 150 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit). You will have full access to our unique running training video resources throughout the duration of your plan.