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Magnesium Oil (100ml bottle)


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A fantastic product that aids muscle recovery and tissue repair.  Great for fixing ‘niggles’ that we pick up from our day-to-day running training!  The magnesium oil can be rubbed directly onto any area of the body that is sore or injured, and it can also be consumed orally.

Elementz Magnesium Oil are Zechstein Inside® certified and source from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed (Netherlands).  It is also registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM).

  • 1ml of Elementz Magnesium Oil = approximately 103mg elemental magnesium.
  • 1ml Elementz Magnesium Oil = approximately 10 drops.

Magnesium Oil is one of the most easily absorbed forms of elemental magnesium which can be both consumed orally and applied topically. In fact, it is said that you can absorb it even quicker through the skin as it won’t have to go through your digestive tract.

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