Joanne Grange

Having decided to take up running in 2013, I decided to take some training from Mark. This became the kick start for my passion in long distance running. I competed in my first full marathon in 2014 in Borneo, which was achieved by following Mark’s 7-week programme, enabling me to run at a reasonable level and suffer no real pain after the run.

Since this first run I have improved my running technique through continuous training with Mark, and I have been able to raise my running standard to a level whereby I am regularly in the top 5 of my age category. This was down to a lot of hard work, but without the clear guidelines and targets from Mark’s training programmes, I am sure it would have taken me a lot longer to achieve this standard.

James Hay

My son, who is coached by Mark Williams, persuaded me to join him for a running session in 2016. We ran a 5km time trial and my time was 31:19. I’d been a regular jogger up to that point and, at 53 years of age, I reckoned that wasn’t a bad time. In 2017 I ran the same course in 23:40. How have I achieved this? By following Mark’s training plan every week.

Mark has inspired a jogger to push himself as hard as possible and my running technique has improved as my times have dropped. I cannot recommend his training plans highly enough.

KK Yum

I started training with Mark in 2013 as I needed to add speed work to my training. Not long after I started, I achieved a sub 4-hour marathon in Korea. My best streak was in 2016 when I ran sub 4-hour marathons in 3 consecutive weeks. All these results were due to following Mark’s training plans.

I’m not born with a runner’s body, however I am proud to say that out of the 93 marathons I’ve run so far, I have completed 8 in under 4-hours, 7 of which are directly down to Mark’s training.

Michelle Chua

When I started running in 2014, I didn’t have a training plan because I used to think all I needed to do was run 3 days a week. If I skipped my run on Monday to Thursday, I would cram all 3 runs on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday! That was my routine for 2 years and I showed minimal improvement.

In 2017 I followed a training plan in the hope of improving the timing of my full marathon at the Standard Chartered KL marathon. I improved my timing by 13 minutes and came 3rd! My training was more structured; my mileage increased progressively, which kept me injury-free. If you are looking to improve your timing, or even just to finish a race, I’d recommend Mark and Jeff’s plans to give you a structure to reach your goals.

Viki Lim

Coach Mark’s programme has not only made me a better runner, but it has that special “X-Factor” that helps keep me motivated and pushes me to achieve my personal best!

Arash Eghbali

As a competitive runner, I am always trying to improve my speed and efficiency. Mark’s feedback has helped me to correct my running form and his training programmes have pushed me to run faster and faster each year! I recommend The Running Plan website to all runners.

Malaysian Bar Cross Country Team

Science plays an important role in sports and Mark’s training programmes are scientific, methodical, efficient and results-oriented. Mark trains our group with passion and determination, and the team has improved tremendously in terms of speed, posture, gait, as well as team unity. I strongly recommend Mark’s training programmes to runners who wish to take that extra mile to improve their running. – Lilian Lee, Malaysian Bar Cross Country Team Co-convener

Mark’s training programmes are very systematic, and he is a committed coach. – How Chong, MB Cross Country Team

Mark’s training is great! I improved a lot after I trained with him. I enjoy it so much that I look forward to each training session! – Neo, MB Cross Country Team

I like how Mark observed our running posture and thereafter helped us to correct it. – Eunice, MB Cross Country Team

Mark Williams is an outstanding coach who brings the best out of his athletes. His training sessions are both informative and inspirational. I am looking forward to learning more techniques from his coaching, and growing as a better athlete. – Amer Hamzah, MB Cross Country Team

Audrey Law

Having not done much exercise in over 25 years, I had decided to aim for a healthier lifestyle. Mark’s training programmes makes runners of all abilities push themselves to their own individual limits. My son and I look forward to our training, and even though we run at different speeds, we both get huge satisfaction from completing the training. I’ve reduced my 5km PB from over 35mins to sub 26min, and my son has been selected for the Malaysian Schools National Cross Country Championship.



Samantha Lo

I have been training with Mark Williams since 2012. Back then, running a loop of 2.3 km was a struggle for me, but in the last 5 years I have completed several marathons and in 2016 I was lucky to finally grab some top 10 positions! I think that is a vast improvement bearing in mind I was not at all sporty previously.

I have observed that Mark is able to help runners – both young and old – begin their running journey, and also coach elite runners to excel even more. He pays attention to our needs and continually improves his programmes. I highly recommend Mark’s plans and The Running Plan website if you are seeking to improve your running.

Tony Heneberry

At 52 years of age, I returned to running… well, jogging, actually! After a break of over 12 years it was a sweaty, flabby return, with very low aspirations other than to have some basic fitness! Fast forward 3 years and I have lost 15kg, run over 6,000km, including 2 marathons, dozens of half marathons, and half ironman events.

Mark’s running plans provided me with structured and disciplined training that I would not do by myself, which kept me injury-free. Running has given me an activity that I can do every week with my teenage son, and although we are at opposite ends of the ability (and age) spectrum, we both work with Mark’s training plans to achieve our separate running goals.

I highly recommend The Running Plan to runners of all ages and abilities!

Tom Sarginson

I’ve been a runner for the past 20 years and having competed in 20+ half marathons, I’ve always considered myself ‘not bad’ at it. But waking up on New Year’s Day and committing to running a 10k in sub 40 minutes was a whole new level. Cue Coach Jeff!

I’ve only been training with Jeff for the past few months and already he’s given me real hope that I can achieve my target time. He has all the attributes of a good coach/ teacher – knowledgeable, calm temperament, reassuring, knows when to push and when to go easy.

I would recommend The Running Plan to anyone looking to get more out of their running, and themselves. Committing to their running programme is one of the best decisions I can remember making – I’m getting more out of my runs than ever before, feel fitter and sharper, and this has had a positive impact on the rest of my life. I have renewed confidence that with Jeff’s help, I might just make that 39 mins 59 secs!